Woman calls 9-1-1 after getting stuck upside down at 24 hour gym

Photo by Miriam Alonso

A woman was caught hanging around a gym — hanging upside and needing help from first responders.

A TikTok user posted the video proof. Turns out she was very excited to show off exercises on an inversion table. So — she set up her phone to record herself. Little did she know she was going to record an incredibly embarrassing moment.

Turns out she was working out at a 24 hour fitness center at 3AM — and with no one nearby her, she ended up stuck completely upside down:

Oops. But good thing she was wearing her Apple Watch. She used it to summon help — and try and explain her, ummm….unique predicament.

Glad it turned out okay — no pun intended.

Eric Kristensen is an on-air personality for Q101 in Chicago — and while not currently hanging upside down, he is definitely a little more twisted than your average friend. Maybe you add him on Instagram?