Cher doesn’t care what you think, she’s dating someone 40 years younger than her

Cher went public with her relationship with a 36-year-old music executive named Alex Edwards, or “AE” and people are talking. They don’t care that she’s dating someone, they care that there is a 40 year age gap between the two. She posted a picture of them on her Instagram, and one fan commented, “It would be naïve not to question a 34-year-old’s motives and intentions. Our girl is smart but they don’t say love is blind for no reason at all.” Cher did not appreciate the sentiment and let everyone know how she really feels- “Haven’t You Got Anything Else 2 Do⁉️ Let Me Explain…I DONT GIVE A✈️FK WHAT ANYONE THINKS.” I guess when you’re 76 you really do care less about what people think.