Apple’s new crash detection in iPhones and watches is calling 911 during roller coasters

Apple recently introduced crash detection and it’s supposed to alert 911 when you get into an accident. The iPhone14 and the Apple watch have it. For some people, it keeps calling 911 in less severe circumstances, like riding a roller coaster. One woman was on a ride in Ohio that got up to 53 mph, then stopped abruptly causing her watch to call 911. Screams on the other end could be heard from her recorded call as the riders were terrified, in a good way! That was enough for emergency services to respond to the park. Psych! Just kidding! It’s already happened SIX times from the new technology. Apple claims the brand new tech is extremely accurate, but they will continue to work on it. As for the park, they hope that more people that come have outdated iPhones. -Ali