Here’s Nirvana, the first time they performed “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

April 17, 1991.  At the time, who could know that this would be such a meaningful date in the History Of Alternative?  This was the date that Kurt Cobain and company trotted out “Smells Like Teen Spirit” in concert for the first time ever — and as you will see from this video, a very raw version of the song at that.  But minus the early lyrics — you can hear the chord foundation, the chorus — it’s definitely the song that would start a grunge revolution in the 1990s.

As the story goes, the band was able to collect enough cash from this gig to get to them to L.A., where they recorded Nevermind.  Legendary.  — [eric] 

[📷: JTMultimidia from Pexels]