We present Eater’s map of the best Chicago brewery tap rooms. Because, beer.

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You should get a Chicago beer.

Maybe not right this very minute. Maybe this weekend. Or next. Or whenever. You are a grown ass adult who can make your own decisions. Just consider this the ultimate guide to the best breweries in the Chicago city limits that don’t have full kitchens or food menus.

I’ve been to most of these places. They are excellent. You should go to. And get a Chicago beer, like I said at the beginning of the article.

Eater has the definitive list, descriptions, pictures, and mapping. Check it out. But here is the list below. I’ve starred the ones I’ve been to and can personally vouch for. But check them all out. Because, beer.

  • 1.¬†Illuminated Brew Works
  • 2.¬†Alarmist Brewing & Taproom
  • 3.¬†Hopewell Brewing Company***
  • 4.¬†Revolution¬†Brewing***
  • 5.¬†Solemn Oath Brewery Still Life
  • 6.¬†Pilot Project Brewing***
  • 7.¬†Metropolitan Brewing***
  • 8.¬†Maplewood Brewery & Distillery***
  • 9.¬†Life on Marz Community Club
  • 10.¬†Midwest Coast Brewing Company
  • 11.¬†Spiteful Brewing Tap Room
  • 12.¬†Empirical Brewery¬†Taproom***
  • 13.¬†Dovetail Brewery***
  • 14.¬†Begyle¬†Brewing***
  • 15.¬†Goose Island Beer¬†Co.***
  • 16.¬†On Tour Brewing¬†Company
  • 17.¬†Whiner Beer Company
  • 18.¬†Lo Rez Brewing and Taproom
  • 19.¬†Off Color Brewing Taproom — The Mousetrap