A man got back at a woman who tried to steal his car the best way possible

A man got back at a woman after he caught her red-handed trying to steal his Jeep. He recorded their interaction when she was doing it. See the video below.

Then she realized that she left her phone in his car and refused to let her back in to get it, so she left when he offered to call the cops. The owner of the car decided to take over her social media and change her name to “car thief.” Her job changed to ‘works at “stealing.”‘ The man then started posting text conversations with her with her conspirators about ‘How to steal a Honda.’ Her YouTube, TikTok and facebook immediately gained hundreds of followers. Since the man took over, more clues about stolen property, other crimes she’s committed, and information about a man’s murder has come out. Don’t leave your phone at a crime scene.