A Guy Sent His New Girlfriend an Itemized Spreadsheet for Their First Romantic Weekend Away . . . Red Flag?

Nothing says romance like sending your new girlfriend to the accounts receivable department.

A woman just posted a story on Reddit’s Relationships channel about her first romantic weekend away with her new boyfriend.

As they were planning, he sent her a spreadsheet, quote, “literally breaking down the cost of everything to the cent . . . telling me I owed him $167.99.  [I] would happily have just given him $200 to cover my share of the weekend.”

“He’s an accountant so I get that he kinda does spreadsheets for a living, but this has ruined the vibe of the weekend for me.  I’m his new girlfriend . . . not a client to send an invoice outlining every cent.  Am I right to feel this is weird and unreasonable?”

So IS that a red flag?  Not ALL of the responses are taking her side.  I mean, most of them are . . . but some people are giving the guy the benefit of the doubt.

One person said, quote, “She’s with him because she likes him so far.  He seems like a bit of a dork . . . but honestly there are much worse things.  He probably just needs to chill out a touch.”




(You can see the post here . . . it was deleted off Reddit.)