Foster The People, The Knocks cover three History Of Alternative jams.

The Knocks and Foster The People have collaborated again — this time covering three classic alternative jams.

“Bittersweet Symphony” – The Verve:  Considering Richard Ashcroft just recently won back the royalties to his biggest hit, does this mean he’ll get them from Mark Foster as well?  By the way, listen to the brand new song “All About You” from The Knocks/Foster The People.  I totally get a Bittersweet Symphony vibe from it, how about you?

“Devil’s Haircut” – Beck:  Pretty true to the original, but also the guys put a little personal touch on this one.  Check it out.  And when you are done, check out Beck in the 101WKQX Lounge.

“Southside” – Moby, feat. Gwen Stefani:  Did you know that Moby said this song was inspired by his trips to Chicago and his love for the city’s house music scene?  Well, now you do.

All three versions are below for you to check out.  — [eric]