The best ridiculous Christmas holiday family stories

Christmas is a time for families to get together and celebrate but then your uncle slips down, knocking down the decorated tree. That weird mishappening is all that your family may talk about for future holiday celebrations or it’s a consistent go-to story for those of you gathering on the back porch. These stories are a part of the holidays in a way that we all know but may not appreciate the surface. At Thanksgiving, I posted about this which got a flowing response of odd aunts, weird uncles, and cooked turkeys flying across kitchens. So the Christmas sequel is living up to the expectations? Short answer: Yes. Very much. These are some doozies.

Some of my favorites in the thread above included a Dad putting on Mom’s fur coat to wrestle his friend after one too many egg nogs, someone giving grandma some sexy underwear, and more ridiculous behavior around the 25th of December. Click on the FB post above to read more and maybe add your own story for everyone else to enjoy.

You can jump into the full discussion with dozens of stories on our FB without sharing your own seasonal weirdness.