Elf is an alternative holiday classic

‘Elf’ in recent years has cemented its status as a demented holiday classic. The film sees Will Ferrell as ‘Buddy’, an oversized elf for Santa who learns he is indeed a human and he goes on a search for his real dad is in New York City. The fish-out-of-water scenario lays up some slam dunk comedic moments from his junk food indulgence, being extremely out-of-touch with reality, and much more than all lead to a genuinely heartwarming third act. These videos dig into why the movie which helped establish Farrell as a movie star following his memorable run on ‘Saturday Night Live’, is held in such high regard since it was released in 2003.

In a new Netflix special, ‘The Holiday Movies That Made Us’ recaps all the wild going-ons behind the scenes of the film. Yes, Ferrell just heckled unknowing people on the street for some awkward laughter. It makes you wonder how that would go down if you did that in Chicago on State street, right?

One of the more memorable scenes from the movie was that wild brawl with Artie Lange playing a surly Santa and Farrell not understand why this impostor was entertaining children’s holiday wishes. Some of us have gotten pretty dramatic after a few too many drinks and told someone they “sit on a throne of lies” right?

In their ongoing spoof series, ScreenJunkies lays down how ridiculous the premise for the film actually is. Wait, who turned down this lead role?

In 2018, Ferrell shared with James Corden that he thought the film would ruin his career at first.

OK, if penguins like the movie it has to be good right?

You should not expect a sequel to ‘Elf’ even though Farrell has publicly gone on the record saying he is not interested reprising the role.

This remixed trailer is done so well to make the movie into a creepy thriller that adds evil with a dark music score and jumpy editing.

In 2014, in an animated TV special for NBC with throwback stop-motion style with Jim Parsons played ‘Buddy’ and Mark Hammil as his Scrooged-up dad. Yes, it’s a musical but it still stays true to the original premise. A fully-produced stage musical started on Broadway in 2010.