‘Late Late Breakfast’ livestream: Comedians fight silly challenges for the Hideout

For years before this current challenging year on Saturday afternoons, the Hideout would host the delightful comedy weirdo game show, the Late Late Breakfast which forced stand-up comics to perform in ever-increasing odd circumstances and silly games. Pies get thrown, they make the comics put on ridiculous costumes, and simply get out of the run-of-the-mill sex humor and regular delivery on stage. Imagine if you saw NFL players put through an obstacle course while also trying to play a game, that’s basically the idea of the gimmick.

With independent venues like the Hideout shuttered during the pandemic and their doors likely not opening until months into 2021, they have put on a series of special streaming events including today’s special event at 3 pm CST today with the Late Late Breakfast gang. The show will feature some big comedy stars like Kyle Kinane (the voice of Comedy Central), Tom Thakkar (TBS’s ‘Conan’), Clark Jones (HBO’s ‘Crashing’) social media darling Megan Stalter, and many more Chicago comedy cool people. You can buy the stream for $10 to support the Hideout during this trying time while aslo laughing your butt off at some content made right here in town. Get in on the party here.