Toy Story gets twisted in ‘The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror XXXI

Tomorrow your Halloween candy hangover can be weened off with the anticipated ‘Treehouse of Horror’ special from ‘the Simpsons’ on FOX. These creepy episodes have been must-watch TV every October since the show debuted as a regular series in 1990. This year’s edition will see Simpsons take a spin away from their standard drawn animation feel to a slightly-off CGI that they have experimented with several times in the past but this time it will be a nod to the first breakout computer-created cartoon, Toy Story. Watch the trailer for Treehouse XXXI above.

Watch Mojo did a great job counting down the best Treehouse of Horror segments from the annual spooktacular specials. Consequence of Sound went even deeper into the grave, ranking every Halloween episode, read that here.