Blink-182 are going for old school vibes in their new music

According to AltPress, Blink-182 are working on new music to follow-up 2019’s ‘Nine’, and it looks like it will harken back to their earlier days.

Matt Skiba who we also love in Alkaline Trio, shred in a recnet IG post that these new songs that Mark Hoppus and him are crafting currently remind him of the first two Blink albums. This yet-to-be-released music which we had hoped would have been streaming earlier this year, will come out as an EP at some point. John Feldman of Goldfinger is producing the songs, following his work on ‘Nine’ and 2016’s ‘California’.

Two months ago, Blink released the timely anthem of general resentment ‘Quarantine’. Listen to this song that has some very dirty words that really talk about our very weird world.