The rare version of NBA JAM with Michael Jordan

In the 90’s, as video games exploded with sports adaptions and one of the biggest being the arcade smash NBA JAM from Chicago’s very own Midway Games but one big name was missing from the party: Michael Jordan. Through the years, MJ’s presence or lack thereof on THE sports game of decade in which he became THE guy in sports has become the thing of legend. Jordan opted to be out a licensing agreement due to his deal with Nike, but he was included in a very early unreleased version fo the game that was pitched to NBA officials.

In his smart-ass friendly exploration of lost media, Youtube awesome dude Whang covered the whole story with unearthing footage and how the Bulls great along with another superstar player demanded their own private versions of the game with their likeness included. Watch the entire deep dive here…and try not to yell “HE’S ON FIRE” while you watch it.