Everything excellent about Bill & Ted


One of the most anticipated sequels of the year in a year, ‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’ hits theaters and on-demand today. The teenage wanna-be rockstars who stumble through time in a telephone booth are 30 years older, and according to reviews they have matured and gracefully work in new characters in the new film. Series creators Ed Solomon and Chris Mattheson penned the script with Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter back for another most excellent adventure that is getting solid reviews with a current Rotten Tomatoes score of 78%. 

Before you see the new movie, let’s hop in a bloggable blast to the past to our youthful consumption of Bill and Ted’s mischief that is fun and sometimes questionable. An animated spin-off, a not-so-well received live-action adaption and action figures that look very radical. Scroll down for that.  We will be doing some fun things with YOUR past with History of Alternative [ON AIR] on 101WKQX starting September 8th.

Red Letter Media who are known for their dry wit and biting sarcasm, dig into why both of the original movies stood out and why a lot of Gen Xers love these movies. They make some great observations about how the first film was very 80’s and the second one is very 90’s. They also show in this Re:View episode that the script for the ‘Excellent Adventure’ predates the script for ‘Back To The Future’. 

The party dude teens were so popular with the kids that it got it’s own animated Saturday morning show on CBS but as SyFy breaks it down in their Everything You Didn’t Know series. The cartoon took some really fun spins on the original movie concept. The actors from the original series provided voices to give it some real-life flavor and authenticity. The second season of the show took an unfortunate dip with some odd choices, production changes, and the animated show moved to FOX along a new live-action adaption.

The live-action series was just um….it was. Stoned Gremlin tells us how the live-action which somehow became a thing. It aired in prime time in the summer, which is never a good sign if you follow how TV shows are rolled out. 


So if you like air-guitaring along with these two bros, then you likely wanted the action figures. Kenner made this playful series which also includes some noteworthy names from the past. Figure Collections shows off the toyline in mint condition which is worth more than a $100 now.