Comedian Big Jay Oakerson gets assaulted on stage

Comedian Big Jay Oakerson was assaulted and yanked off stage this week by a heckler who was in the process of getting kicked out of a show. You can see in the video posted by fellow comic Ari Shaffir, that Oakerson took quite the spill at the socially distant comedy show thanks to this [insert acceptable insult here}.. Page Six covered the entire story in detail with the producer of the show, Joel Richardson saying “Jay couldn’t have handled it any better,”.

Jay is a very talented comedian with a loveable flair for the filthy side, but his cigarette-smoking heart is still a heart of gold. He’s visited 101WKQX in the past and has always been an incredibly sweet guy to all of us. He did not deserve this, and frankly, no one deserves this.

As a fan of comedy and comedian myself, hecklers and people who disrupt shows are the thorns in our collective butts. You have to be wildly out of touch with the space you are in, emboldened by too many drinks, or some selfish sense of ‘this needs to be about me’. There will be people with comments that they think to help the show, but if the comic performing does not address for a comment, keep it to yourself. Imagine everyone you see in those ‘I won’t wear a mask’ fight videos floating around, you can lump in that behavior in with these narcissists. Besides this is not even heckling, it goes beyond that into a new darker real of behavior you would expect from a villain in an 80’s teen comedy.

Hopefully, this does not come off as preachy or anything just a reminder to be nicer to one another.

This is not the first time Oakerson has fended off an assailant. Here is a hilarious story he told about his run-in with a senior citizen who forced him to defend himself with a bike.