You can’t play Fortnite on iPhone, and here’s why

Fortnite is easily one of the most popular free-to-play video games. Apple’s iPhone with the associated marketplace is easily one of the biggest combinations of devices and online stores. This week the two sides clashed, with Apple yanking Fortnite off the Apple store when Epic Games, the company behind the game offered direct payments the in-game currency, ‘v-bucks’. These direct payments are noticeably cheaper for users and work around Apple. Google the same move by Apple, and booted Fortnite off its Play store. Epic Games then responded by suing both Apple and Google. In the video above, Internet Today broke down the entire dispute in detail and how the gaming world is responding.

Epic started the hashtag #FreeFortnite campaign and released this short parody video which mocks the classic 1984 ad that Apple made for the release of its home PC, the Macintosh which challenged the market-dominance of IBM at the time.