NHL looks great inside the bubble

NHL returned to the ice this week under strict bubble restrictions in Toronto and Edmonton with an exciting look. When you consider there are no fans at these games, the production around it really spruces up the look and feel of the game on TV. The dubbed-in audio is not nearly as distracting as it has been in MLB games without fans. The crowd noise is in sync with the play as much it can be with being chimed in correlation to the action on the ice.

Kudos to the NHL for getting players in a safety bubble, especially as see other leagues dealing with positive COVID-19 outbreaks like the Miami Marlins in MLB earlier this week.This official video shows how the teams are literally taking an isolated path from hotels, testing for the virus, and the extensive safety protocols.

It helps that the Blackhawks upset the heavily-favored Oilers in their qualifying round opener on Saturday.

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