‘Hamilton’ movie skipping theaters for Disney+

The smash-hit hip-hop musical ‘Hamilton’ which raked in millions at live theaters, is skipping it’s anticipated release in movie theaters for a summer release on the popular streaming service. Disney+. The anticipated movie adaption which will feature notable historical figures from the formative years of the U.S.A will drop on the fitting date of July 3rd.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, who created and starred in the musical joined Disney mega-boss Bob Iger to announced the news today on ‘Good Morning America’ which has been met with some very positive reactions to fans of musical theater online.

This means the movie will come out over a year before it’s originally scheduled release of October 15. 2021. It’s another sign of Hollywood studios trying to redirect their resources in these COVID-19 times as thousands of cinemas around shuttered around the world.

Miranda sold the transition of the musical to film as giving viewers “the best seat in the house” and that it features the original cast from¬† performances on stage in June of 2016.