Did Kristin Cavallari post a mother’s day tribute to herself on Jay Cutler’s Instagram??

The soon to be divorced couple have been in the headlines a lot recently, this time something seems a little funny.

It looks like the former Bears Quarterback posted a touching instagram tribute to the mother of his 3 children, and soon to be ex-wife Kristen Cavallari and she responded with a simple heart, which seems normal… But there may be more here.


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Happy Mother’s day to all the moms. These 3 little ones picked a good one.

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Kristin Cavallari and her team created an Instagram account for Jay Cutler because he didn’t have one. They originally made all the posts… so did she make this one to herself?????

That would be amazingly funny, but reports from the former couple say no. Jay has full control of the account now and actual made that post himself.

They may not want to be married to each other anymore, but they are still parents together!!