5 comedy specials on Netflix you need to see

Netflix reportedly added 15 million more subscribers with everyone in quarantine, so that’s millions more scrolling around trying to find the right show for their mood or something they have not seen before. The need to laugh at anything right now feels more immediate, so what’s the best comedy shows we may have missed or lost in the ever-changing algorithms of streaming video? You’ve seen more popular comics like Kevin Hart and Bill Burr, so what else is on the Flix of Net?

Here are 5 must-see new(er) comedy specials for you to stream right now. 

‘Middledietch & Schwartz: Completely Improvised Comedy Specials’ are just that gracefully performed long-form comedy made up on the spot sets in the tradition that filled many theaters in Chicago for decades. These two accomplished screen actors Thomas Middledeitch (Silicon Valley) and Ben Schwartz (Parks & Recreation) deliver three unique sets on a single audience suggestion each time with an undeniable sense of playfulness ringing through it all.. 

Bumping Mics with Jeff Ross and Dave Attell is another unique take on a performance style we’re pretty familiar with: stand up comedy. This 2018 three-part special sees these two mic masters will humor out of every single random audience member, turning from seemingly prepared material to roasting the pants off some celebrities at the acclaimed Comedy Cellar in New York City. If you have binged through the more common stand up specials with a single comic on stage in a theater, this alternative presentation leans into a more looser energy. It feels like a party from the start. 

Bert Kreischer ‘Hey Big Boy’ sees the shirtless raunchy monster  back once again with his original take on stories of embraced dysfunction and the fallout of being  a family man in the process. If you have not felt the Bert alert already, he has several special but his latest one which dropped in March is great starting point. Yes, he keeps his shirt off the entire time. 

The Degenerates is another go-to for comedy fans who simply want to see the gloves off without any apprehension that seemingly floats over those things ‘you are not supposed to talk about in 2020’. This series now with 2 seasons sees a who’s-who of comics from Nikki Glaser, JIm Norton,  Big Jay Oakerson, and more in 30 minute or so episodes.Chicago’s very own Kyle Kinnane and Liza Treyger should be where you start here.


Nate Bargatze ‘the Tenenesee Kid’ starts with tender intro from Nate’s daughter with the endearing southern charmer spinning smart ass takes on life. It may be more the traditional of the bunch but Nate’s wave that’s churning into shore. Think of a band that you want to listen to before your dorky little brother gets a hold of it.