Dear diary…

Dear diary…

Day 22 in the closet…damn today was a lot of fun. It’s so weird doing the show from my tiny closet. I have way to much energy to be caged up like one of Joe Exotic’s animals. Today I learned that it takes 7 minutes for my small closet to smell like my bad coffee breath.

I also learned that my closet is 52 knuckles wide. We should measure things by body parts more often. Everyone has body parts but who the f has a tape measure when they need one? Never! The only time you should even use a tape measure is when you need to be exact, other than that use steps, use your forearm, use knuckles, a leg..for now on its knuckles or nothing for me. – that’s stupid.

I licked coffee off the counter to save a paper towel. It was such a natural reaction, I’m a little disappointed in myself. I’m a monster.

From my window I can see people eating McDonald’s french fries and I’m noticing that only the weirdest of humans eat fries one at a time. Most people go for three fries at once. I respect that move.

Ohhhhhhhh who lives in a pineapple under the sea….

– Justin
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