Trailer for the Beastie Boys “live documentary experience” is here.

It was supposed to be debuted at SXSW, so instead….the Beastie Boys documentary trailer made its first appearance online this weekend.

The Spike Jonez documentary will chronicles the lives and times of Ad-Rock, Mike D, and MCA, all centered around a live storytelling show that the surviving guys put on in Brooklyn last year.  The trailer promises three big areas that will be discussed:

  • How the Beastie Boys started as “mediocre rappers,” then suddenly exploded into a worldwide phenomenon.
  • The burnout the guys faced after becoming the “party bros” the parodied.
  • Why the late Adam Yauch was “the driving force” behind the group.

This look different and incredibly dope….I, for one, cannot wait to stream this starting April 24th on Apple+TV.  — [e.k.]