Kids in the Hall are coming back

One of the most celebrated sketch comedy shows of all time is coming back …to CRUSH YOUR HEAD! If you are fan of alternative comedy or anything funny imported from Canada, then you love to learn that Kids in the Hall are set to return to television with Deadline reporting this week that Amazon Prime will bring the show back for an 8 episode run. ‘Saturday Night Live’ producer Lorne Michaels will help bring it all together.

In May of last year, the Kids were honored at the Canadian Screen Awards honored the cast for their comedic accomplishments and teased the idea of getting the gang back together.

Their odd, hilarious, and influential TV show that ran on HBO and CBS from 1988 to 1994, are getting back together. In 1996, the group released the wildly weird movie ‘Brain Candy’ which satirized antidepressants. In 2010, they did a short-run series called ‘Death Comes to Town’ on CBC up north. Many new fans discovered the whacked out KITH¬† later discover the show in reruns on Comedy Central, DVD, and the internet. They have toured their live show on and off over years including well-received shows at the Chicago Theater in 2014

Here are 5 must-see sketches for those unfamiliar or very familiar with the Kids.

You can get drunk and embarrass yourself or you can do it this way….which is also embarrassing.

Maybe one of the most well-known reoccurring sketches from KITH was this odd man who would close one eye and focus his vision to ‘crush’ people with his fingers. It’s ridiculous but it’s the calling card of the show.

Canadians have always had a good knack for making fun of the foibles of Americans. This bit perfectly makes fun of things that are maybe not that important.

Do you anyone named Dave? Well you can share this with them.

Some kids are very annoying and know how to pester you with so many questions, and then there is Gavin.