Who wants to quit smoking with me?!

I want and need to quit smoking cigarettes so bad but I seem to fail time after time. I suck at quitting. As I am gearing up to take another stab at quitting, I thought this time it would be effective and fun to quit with other people suffering from the addiction. Power in numbers type of thinking.
I am looking to build a dream team of quitters. A group of people that holds each other accountable but encourages one another to quit this habit that is killing us. Are you a horrible quitter? If so I want you on my team!
Let’s team up and quit smoking cigarettes/vapes together.
I’ve been smoking for 15 years and I always imagined I’d have quit by now. We all have our personal reasons for needing to quit but the one reason we all share in common is our health. It’s legit killing us. If we got to choose our way of dying, would you choose it being from cigarettes and at an early age? Probably not. Me either.
F this.
If you’re interested in teaming up with me on this battle against tobacco email [email protected]
Let’s do this!
Cigarettes suck.