Are you a super-taster?

This is the newest hot button issue in the science community. Folks out there want to know whether or not they’re a “super-taster”, and before you show us your most receipt Portillo’s receipt as proof of the condition, scientists want to remind us that “being a super-taster doesn’t make everything taste better. In fact, it can do the opposite.”

So-called super-tasters have been known to especially hate “ugly vegetables”, which has become one of the most popular health trends. These ugly vegetables are despised by super-tasters and scientists believe that it’s a genetic issue more than a personal preference.

Now that we think about it, show us your most recent Portillo’s receipt, you probably are a super-taster. Something tells us there’s not going to be a whole lot of root vegetables on that order, so good for you, and good for everyone else that is scientifically unable to enjoy veggies.