Flea opens up about childhood, music, and Anthony Kiedis in raw conversation.

It would be one thing to say that Flea was on CBS This Morning (11.2.19) to talk about his new autobiography, Acid For The Children.

But it would be better to say that the Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist cracked open his heart a bit to talk about his childhood, his complex relationship with Anthony Kiedis, and how the late Hillel Slovak was the one the one who convinced him to become a bass player.  If you have a spare eight minutes, its definitely worth a look.

If you are hoping for a look at life inside the band, the book ends just before the Chili Peppers start.  But from all signs so far, Flea’s autobiography will be fascinating for fans and strangers alike regardless.  It hits bookstores on November 5th.

[📷 : CBS This Morning/Screen Grab]