Spider-Man is staying in the MCU

Fans of Spider-Man and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, REJOICE! Spidey is staying in the MCU, at least for two more movies following Sony Pictures (which owns the rights to everything Spider-Man in film)  and Marvel Studios coming to an agreement. The plan will see Tom Holland who has portrayed a well-reviewed Spider-Man in one more solo film and a yet-to-be-disclosed MCU film.

Last month, Marvel (owned by Disney) and Sony publicly split, saying the friendly neighbood Holland Spider-Man would no longer be under the creative vision of Marvel and would have his own ‘universe’. Well the fanbase was loud and it certainly shifted the hero to his duality. The next Spider-Man film is due out in summer 2021.

Internet Today in the video above broke down the whole story between the two movie monoliths over the web-headed hero.