On the 15th anniversary of American Idiot, Green Day drops latest music video.

The new Green Day music video is here.  It’s full of what I will call — high energy clips ⚡ — all while the band plays “Father Of All…” in front of 24 silhouetted figures.  (FUN FACT:  you can clam to your friends that YOU, are in fact, one of those figures.  Who is going to be able to prove you wrong anyways?  IT’S JUST A BUNCH OF SHADOWY FIGURES.)

Green Day released this video one day shy of the 15th anniversary of American Idiot — the “punk rock opera” album that has become the band’s signature contributions to alternative.  I think 16 million copies sold, a Broadway musical, and an upcoming feature film adaptation backs that claim up, no?

Also upcoming is a Green Day return to Wrigley Field in August 2020.  They will team up with Fall Out Boy and Weezer for the Hella Mega Tour — tickets are onsale now or you can try to win them here.  — [eric]