Jack Black & Jack White: After Lollapalooza, the “Grey” collaboration happens.

Tenacious D — troubadours of the closest thing we’ve got to the best song in the world & arguably one of the highlights of Lollapalooza 2019.  And thanks to a new video, not only do we have behind the scenes highlights from Grant Park…..we ALSO have video evidence that Jack Black and Jack White collaborated in Nashville on some sort of song TBA.  Nice.  Here’s the highlights of the video:

  • 0:13:  Obligatory Chicago B-roll footage to set up the band’s Lollapalooza barn-burner.
  • 0:31:  Jack Black was not immune to “through the phone lens” of watching live music.
  • 1:39:  Tour bus rules were in effect backstage.  Jack had to learn of the #2 most important rule the hard way.  No kidding. 💩
  • 2:21:  Lolla set highlights:  on-stage, backstage, and post-show snack.  Can you guess the pizza the band had?
  • 4:18:  The “D” visits Third Man Records in Nashville — and hangs with Jack White.

Plus, highlights from their shows in Nashville and Atlanta.  Roll the video.  — [eric]