Samuel L. Jackson calls out mistake on Spider-Man: Far From Home poster

Seems like Samuel L. Jackson noticed a mistake on his character Nick Fury in the new Spider-Man poster.

Jackson reposted a side by side photo of their new movie posters, where he noticed his character, Nick Fury, having his signature eye patch placed on two different eyes, rather than only the correct left eye.


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Uhhhhhhh, What In The Actual FUCK IS GOING ON HERE???!!! #headsgonroll #lefteyemuthafukkah

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The original photo was posted by an observant Marvel fan on Reddit with the title, “Which eye did he injure?”. But it seems like he had a reaction to it writing, “Uhhhhhhh, What In The Actual F— IS GOING ON HERE???!!!.”

Seems like someone at Marvel made a boo boo!