Billie Eilish fans are firing back at Twitter perv

This Twitter user is getting SLAMMED for sexualizing Billie Eilish. He posted photos of her in a tank top with the word ‘thick’, and people are NOT happy about it.

First people came because she’s only 17, so he made a tweet on how she’s not a minor…. in half the countries outside of the US.

He then tried to make his comments “okay”, by using her own lyrics against her. Not to mention he shared an Instagram post she made all because cause it said, “comment your dick size.”

To add the cherry on top to all this misogyny, he posted this photo

People on Twitter were NOT having it. Many people had something to say against this man, here just are a few:

One user posted a video of Billie saying why she wears baggy clothes… for situations like this!