Coachella is reportedly being linked to a spike in herpes

Most people who attend Coachella just want to leave with memories that last a lifetime, not an STD.

According to STD diagnosis app HerpAlert, there’s been a 2,083% increase in reported herpes cases in Indio, California and surrounding areas.

The site stated how it normally sees 12-16 cases on a given day, but during Coachella’s first day that number bumped up to 250.

HerpAlert is only two-years-old but works by users uploading photos of their infections for doctors to diagnose. Then they can issue prescriptions to treat the very common virus.

Prior to Coachella, the largest spike in herpes cases came during the 2018 Oscars weekend. It was reported that there were 60 cases per day.

So if you went to Coachella, you might want to get tested.