Hollywood Mirror, a Lakeview institution, is closing

After almost 30 years of business, the Hollywood Mirror will be closing its doors.

Hollywood Mirror was the place to go if you needed an outfit from a certain era, all the way down to the shoes! You could find your outfit for pride or a costume for a party. They offered vintage threads, clothes to blend into nature (camo), along with miscellaneous items that you could gift or just have on hand for when you need a tiny hand.

The story is currently at 812 W. Belmont Ave. and like many other unique shops in the area, it will soon be gone. It’s owners announced that it will be closing its door at the end of April, citing its poor sales here and in Japan as it’s the reason for closing.

If you haven’t visited Hollywood Mirror you should before the month ends to see this interesting shop before it closes. Purchase some nostalgic items or stock up for your next costume party, you won’t have another chance after April!

This video gives you a look inside, but it’s not the same as going in person!