Sorry Brewers fans, the “L” flag is banned from Miller Park

Milwaukee, one of Chicago’s largest suburbs with little brother syndrome continues to be salty with their recent trend of dropping a mocking ‘L’ flag when they defeat the Chicago Cubs. Yeah, we get it. You want some attention, win a World Series maybe? The trend started last season with the giant flags being unfurled throughout the season at the Brewers’s Miller Park but now according to the Journal-Sentinel, the ‘L’ flag is now banned from the park.

“We brought it in a backpack the first time, and they didn’t care,” said Joe Ryan, the guy who has too much time on his hands and brought the flag to the park last season. “We brought it in a second time, we did the same thing. They said people complained, so the security guard didn’t let us in with it.” Its worth noting he tried to sneak it in his DAUGHTER’S LITTLE MERMAID BACKPACK?!  Um, excuse me sir please do not get your innocent daughter and Disney princesses involved in your nefarious schemes!