Tinder will now make guys verify their height. (Or they totally aren’t.)

Apparently one of women’s biggest gripes with Tinder —  is guys lying about their height.  (Yeah…I’m sure THAT is what women want to do away with most.🙄)

The dating app says a new tool will be coming soon that will allow men to verify their height by standing next to any commercial building.  The end of every male being above 6’0″.  This is possibility number one.

OR…possibility number two:  people are so on guard for April Fools’ Day….that we need to trip people up and set them up a few days before the 1st of the month hits.

In which case — where does it end?  In 2020, maybe we try tricking people a WEEK before?  Before you know it, we are in a constant cycle of trying to pull one over on each other.  That sounds awesome!

(Just kidding, that sounds AWFUL.  April Fools!)