Do you know your favorite band’s alias?

When a band is used to playing stadiums, it can be fun to go undercover as a small band in a club. While some are only for a night, others are used over and over again for years. Without further ado, here are some of our favorite band’s alternate names:

The Death Ramps = Arctic Monkeys
AM usually adopts this moniker when collaborating with their artist friends. They’ve released 5 songs that are all Arctic Monkeys B-sides.

The Reflektors = Arcade Fire
Arcade Fire played a few small venue shows under the pseudonym “The Reflektors”, prior to the release of their fourth album of the same name.

The Holy Shits! = Foo Fighters
Dave Grohl & co have performed numerous gigs over the years as “The Holy Shits”…from a secret show in an abandoned train tunnel, to the parking lot of the Hollywood Palladium.

Venison = The Strokes
In a one-off show in 2010, The Strokes played a 500-person club in London as Venison. The name was quickly retired via a cheeky tweet saying “After a career playing only sold-out shows the band Venison are calling it a day”.

The Cockroaches = The Rolling Stones
Despite many years of heavily smoking and drinking (and much more), the Stones are still rocking in their 70s. It seems like they can survive anything, so the alias of “The Cockroaches” is spot on.

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