Watch Youtuber live inside virtual reality for a week

The video has been viewed millions of times since it was uploaded about a week ago, and it’s created some real discussion about how much technology can take over and change our lives in very challenging way. Youtube channel Disrupt created the controversial documentary in which ‘Jak’ lives his entire life for an entire week inside this immersive yet inorganic world with headset actually cutting him off from the real world. It shows off how this type of tech on how it can let us live more connected lives in a way we may have never imagined, which is also scary to consider in some ways.

Now obviously you are asking how does he go to bathroom or shower? Some of that is explained but it’s an interesting to watch how he does it and what it shows for a life that could very much be a part of our collective future.

Would you want to do this? Are we in a way already doing with the time we all spend online or on our phones?