Eddie Vedder’s bizarre secret to getting laid

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder revealed his secret to getting laid during their set at the Innings Festival in Arizona.

His secret: Being able to play the ukulele. 

Vedder gave a lesson on the musical instrument and why it’s a hit.

Alternative Nation transcribed his comments from his set.

“Finger, right, couple strings. It’s not confusing and it’s not hard. You can be a recovering marijuana addict or a current marijuana addict. You just put your finger there and…(sings) Just one there and then move it down…. (plays) See, see that’s all you gotta do.”

“I suggest you get a fifty dollar ukulele, play, you could even be a real knucklehead, like a real misogynist prick knucklehead and if you can actually play that, you might actually get laid. Not that anyone should look to lay a misogynist. I’m sure that there’s none here but there’s actually enough people that statistically it’s probable that there’s [one] of you, at least.”

This might be easy for Eddie Vedder cause he’s well, Eddie Vedder the frontman of Pearl Jam. But maybe it does work, you won’t know till you try.