Two congressmen debated over Nickelback on the House floor

The great Nickelback debate has made its way to Congress!

Democrats and Republicans have found yet another hot topic to disagree on, which turned a bill debate into an argument over the band everyone loves to hate.

Congress had met to debate the Democrats’ H.R. bill; which would overhaul voting, campaign finance, and ethics law.

Democratic Rep. Mark Pocan compared the number of people wanting particular voting right provisions to “the percent of people who think Nickelback is their favourite band in this country.”

Republican Rep. Rodney Davis asked why he would “criticize one of the greatest bands of the 90s.” Pocan was quick with a joke, stating “One more reason why there’s a difference between Democrats and Republicans.”

Davis also spoke about how he has Nickleback on his running playlist, even posting a photo of the playlist later on Twitter.

Let the Nickelback debate continue.