Pabst Blue Ribbon will soon start selling whiskey

Pabst Blue Ribbon Whiskey is on the way!

With the help of hipsters, PBR has gone from one of the worst beers to one of the coolest.

Now it looks like they are doubling down on the bad-is-good idea because their whiskey is only gonna be aged for FIVE SECONDS.

The label features the iconic blue ribbon theme from Pabst’s beers, as well as a drawing of barley and hops, while also listing the mash bill for the 80-proof whiskey, which notes how it was “aged 5 seconds.”

Usually, whiskey is aged in oak barrels for a LOT longer than that, years usually. By law, whiskey has to be aged but there’s no requirement for how long.

So Pabst is keepin’ it within the law, even tho they are doing just a few seconds in the barrel.