The weirdest conversations bartenders have overheard.

Reddit user Steelerfan345 decided to ask the question, “what is the strangest conversation you’ve ever overheard because people assume sound doesn’t travel over the bar?”.

The responses are remarkable and all over the place. Here’s some of what was said:

One guy thought he was being called cute, until…

Even though we were busy, I clearly heard a women say to her friend, “Hey look, the bartender’s really cute.”

Friend: “No he’s not!”

Response: “Oh yeah, you’re right.”

Wonder which city downtown their talking about,

Work in a downtown hotel bar right across from our convention center. I’ve heard way too many negotiations between businessmen and escorts.

Last one I heard involved the guy asking the lady how much extra she would charge to let his friend watch. (She said it was $200 to watch, $500 if he joins in)

These women were thirsty for everyone but the bartender,

I bartended at a country club, and there was this one group of tennis-ladies that would always sit at the bar and get absolutely shitfaced on weeknights at our wine nights. They took a liking to our main bartender and kept calling him exotic (he’s Mexican), they would say how love his beard, would talk about their fav (not tennis related) positions, how they kept their nether-regions tidy, slip him their numbers, how shit their husbands were, etc. Gave me death glares every time I’d be bartending/bar backing with him lol.

This cheater who might have gotten himself caught,

On Valentines day this year, we had a guest who accepted a face time from his girlfriend while his side-chick was with him at the bar. He angled the phone so his girlfriend wouldn’t see the girl, but it was so obvious.

This statement we wish had more of an explanation:

Randomly overheard two middle aged women,

‘as a woman ages she can choose between her face or her asshole, but she cant choose both’

I have no idea

You thought your job was bad…

I overheard a woman who worked for a New Zealand online dating service, and was basically a profile censor… she described her job as being 80% cock pic removal, and had seen so many cocks she could divvy them up into a few distinct categories.

This lovely bromance the bartender got to overhear,

Two businessmen having after work drinks on a Friday, where the conversation built up to one of the sweetest sentiments I’ve heard. At first the usual “Lemme tell ya, you’re a good person. I love you man.” Later on (still fairly basic): “Fuck the wives! Hey, you and me, we buy motorcycles!”

To finally this gem: “If a tornado were to blow you away… I would fly after you.”

Hopefully, the guy was okay,

Was at a bar with my friend and all we heard was “yeah he pissed me off so I ran him over.” Still no idea what happened but I didn’t want to inquire for obvious reasons.

We grabbed a few from the Reddit thread but you can always check it out for more! There are so many, people seem to forget about the bartenders when talking at the bar.