Comedy Central reviving Crank Yankers

As the sun rises in the sky so does another entertainment reboot as today it was reported by Consequences of Sound that Comedy Central is bringing back Crank Yankers. The show which ran from 2002 to 2007 featured recorded crank phone calls as the dialogue for not-meant-for-children puppets. As the culture has changed since the show initially aired, it will likely have to adapt to the times but to many comedy nerds¬† loved the comedy series’s dedication to it’s underlying mischief and hilarious voice work. It was created by late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel and podcast titan Adam Carolla, and Kimmel announced the revival yesterday online.

CoS reports the show’s comeback will have 20 episodes, and will be feature modern social media tie-ins. Kimmel is part of the series, but it’s not clear what other comedic talent will contribute¬†at this time. No release date has been announced currently.

Here is a classic clip of ‘Elmer’ calling about how he lost his pacemaker at a bus terminal.