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Shirt or no shirt, Adam Levine was the joke of the Super Bowl.

In case you missed it, Sunday was Super Bowl LIII, and the New England Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams.

But that’s not what people are talking about today, it’s more on Adam Levine and his halftime performance.

In case you missed it here was Sunday’s halftime performance:

Compared to previous performances Maroon 5 has been considered the least memorable. But social media seemed to roast Adam Levine for his choice of wardrobe, or lack of as the show went on.

It all started with his shirt, which seemed to match with peoples household items.

Maybe the wardrobe department used an old curtain to make his shirt?
But the real thing that got to people on Twitter was his nipples showing. We can’t forget about the infamous Janet Jackson issue and the freak out over one nipple. People weren’t so excited to see the lack of reactions to Adam showing both of his nipples.

We are all about equality, so does this mean Adam has to go into hiding for now?
It wasn’t just the wardrobe that had people on twitter talking on twitter, but his dancing alongside Travis Scott was something people couldn’t help to make fun of.

Unlike his other clothes issues, his dancing was more relatable for people so he got a bit of sympathy.

In the end, this year’s halftime performance wasn’t one for the books. But it did make for some good Twitter trolling!