Man held “death party’ for his sick wife.

A man in Minnesota is accused of throwing a meth-fueled “death party” as a way to ‘help’ his ailing wife.

58-year-old Duane Arden Johnson is facing charges of criminal neglect, theft, and recieving stolen property. He’s being held at Brown County Jail on a $250,000 bond.

But why did he do it?

His wife, 69-year-old Debra Lynn Johson, was sick and he did not get his wife medical help because she did not want to die in a nursing home.

Responding authorities reported how they found the phrase “Death Parde God Hell” spray-painted on the front door, along with a naked Duane Johnson and several guns with hundreds of round of ammunition. Duane came out yelling how his wife was dead before running back inside where they found him in a bathtub trying to wash little white and black things from his body.

Debra had passed away that morning but he waited to call 911 to make sure she was dead. He told authorities that his wife begged him to take her home to die, so he and his wife had a ‘death party’. They rocked out to Quiet Riot’s “Metal Health,” took methamphetamines and had sex.

When she passed he said how he washed her and wrapped her in linen’s ‘like the Bible told me to do.”

Now back to the guns, it didn’t have anything to do with his dying wife but he did tell investigators how he had 47 guns total, many which were stolen.

Sweet that he wanted to make her last days the best day’s, let’s hope they both spent their last time together happy.