What’s the best cover on Weezer’s surprise ‘Teal’ album? (Stream it here)

Weezer made waves across the web again this week with the surprise drop of  the ‘Teal’ album. It’s all covers, and they are just playful takes on popular hits from a wide range of artists and bands. It’s hard to say which one is my favorite, but the Black Sabbath cover of ‘Paranoid’ stands out for not having Rivers on vocals, and reminding you these boys can shred.

My personal favorite is the smile-enducing psychedelic rock classic ‘Mr. Blue’ from Electric LIght Orchestra. It has all these layered harmonies, head-bopping keyboards, and these hands-in-the-sky crescendo.

The track that seems to be getting the most attention sees Rivers has maybe his most soulful vocal performance on TLC’s ‘Scrubs’.  It’s so good, you know he does not ride passenger side in his best friend’s ride.

Cuomo and company had a massive hit with Toto’s ‘Africa’ last year and with the traditional album release format being thrown out the window, why not just give us more ‘OH WOW’ energy hearing their spin on an established tunes?

The Weez will drop a new album of original material on March 1st, and staying their color-focused vibe it will be the ‘Black’ album.

Stream the entire ‘Teal’ album here: