McCaulay Culkin reviews those awful Home Alone sequels & video games

Milwaukee-based Youtube channel Red Letter Media scored quite the get this week when actor and podcaster McCaulay Culkin appeared on their ‘Best of the Worst’ Series where they review random bad movies, but this time it was not so random. He brought along ‘Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House’, an unnecessary cash-grab sequel that was distant from the original two films which really hold a place in any 90’s kid’s heart.  The RLM guys also endure a bad movie about a man reincarnated in a dog and a lousy post apocalypse flick. The ‘Home Alone’ segment starts at 43 minutes into the episode.

101WKQX did our own Home Alone for the holidays spoof a while back. 

Culkin has been actively promoting his new podcast, Bunny Ears on several other digital shows recently including appearing as ‘Pizza Boy’ on Angry Video Game Nerd to review the ‘Home Alone’ video games. Note there is some NSFW language.