Teasers of a Galaxy Far Far Away: First look at Disney’s Star Wars Theme Parks


Disney made Star Wars salivate collectively this weekend as they released several video teaser for their $24 billion expansions to their Disneyland and Disneyworld theme parks that will focus on Star Wars. The parks have been in the works for years, and will allow fans to feel like their in the movies. The videos released officially by Dsiney are below, and yes, you get to ride in the Millenium Falcon! The parks will be called ‘Star Wars:Galaxy’s Edge;.

The website California Coaster Kings has uncovered blue prints for the long-awaited parks and here is their description:

Upon arrival, guests will go through security, walking through metal detectors and passing luggage through an X-ray machine. This is obviously a measure in place to protect guests (and probably make sure no one brings any actual weapons into the hotel with their lightsabers), and CCK points out that if the area is themed like a spaceport, it makes thematic sense for you to go through a security checkpoint when you first get there.

There’s also a cabin layout, revealing 32 regular cabins and only two first class cabins on the first floor. It’s possible that the two-story structure will copy large sections of the first floor’s plan for the second floor; if the cabin layout is duplicated, that means there are only 68 rooms in the entire hotel. That would be a ridiculously small number – the smallest of any Disney World Resort hotel (aside from Saratoga Springs, which only offers 60 villas). And you know what that means: these rooms are cost a ridiculous amount of money to stay in. Keep in mind that it’s always possible that there will be more cabins available on the second floor than the first.

It looks like guests will enter the “transport hall” and walk through a gangway/corridor that opens up directly onto a shuttle bus, which will then take them to the park. Remember, this hotel is supposed to be situated somewhere in the galaxy – each guest’s rooms has a view of space through their windows – so perhaps these buses are being used to preserve that illusion. I suppose it would ruin the magic if you’re supposed to be in one place in the galaxy, a door opens, and you can just instantly walk out into another.