Two unearthed Nirvana gems: an interview and a performance before “Nevermind.”

Came across a couple of “before they were famous” moments with Nirvana this week.

First, this audio interview with the band from 1989.  The night after the band played to a couple of handfuls of fans in Hoboken — literally 10 fans — they sat down with music journalist John Robb to discuss their future.  And at that time, the future would have been the work their were putting in on their defining album, “Nevermind.”  Kurt Cobain mentioned one of the songs he wrote had a similar sound to “About A Girl.”  That song ended up a little thing called “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

The other is this record store performance captured in their hometown of Seattle — just one week before the release of that aforementioned album.  Apparently Kurt was really freaked out that some of his high school peers sought out his autograph during the event.  — [eric]