Blink-182 Update: It’s a GO for Travis Barker, NO GO for Tom DeLonge

Travis Barker has been cleared medically to play again for Blink-182, which means their Las Vegas residency is back on this week.  After a car wreck, the drummer dealt with both a nasty staph infection as well as blood clots in his arms.  But all that is in the rear view mirror.

Speaking of rear view mirrors, a series of tweets between Tom DeLonge and Travis quoting their hit song “I Miss You” had fans thinking there might be a reunion in store.

Sadly, that won’t happen.  Seems Tom might be able to use the money though, as reports are that his new UFO-researching enterprise is seriously in the hole — to the tune of nearly $40 million dollars.

Maybe he’ll buy a ticket for the Mega Millions drawing this week?  — [eric]